Hand type schema design

PokerRanger2 allows you to create custom board hit schemas. A standard schema is offered:

Standard schema puts straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, into the category of "Very strong hands"

For example, If you evaluate a range that has a hand AA that hits a set and a hand KK that hits a fullhouse, then "very strong hands" will include both AA and KK. Per default, the "read-only" group is selected.

Modifying hand strength groups

If you switch to a custom schema, you can change the hand types that are in one group. The "read-only" group cannot be changed. Just click on the hand category first where you would like to add hands. For example, clicking on "strong hands" will make it bold / selected:

Strong poker hands include two pairs, overpairs, and top pairs in PokerRanger

Now, if you select some hand type below it will be assigned to strong hands. For example, in my case I click on "straight flush" which has been assigned to "Very strong hands" before.

Modifying strong hands for Texas Hold'em cash games in PokerRanger

As you can see, the small rectangle before "Straight flush" has changed the color to yellow to indicate that it belongs to this group now.

Editing hand type groups in detail

The "Default (read-only)" group cannot be changed. You can use the drop-down in the board hit evaluation view (or equity graph view) to edit these ones. Clicking on the drop down lets you switch fast between schemas and also allows to open the editing dialog by choosing the "Edit schemas..." option:

Editing custom schemas in PokerRanger, better than FlopZilla Pro or Power Equilab

This opens the schema selection dialog:

Board hit schema editing dialog

This dialog has multiple options. We start with the buttons below the "Board hit group schemas" list:

Note: You can double-click a schema to rename it.

If you are not using the "Default (read-only)" group, you can click on one of the hand type groups:

Select one hand type group

As the bold text tells you: You can now start by clicking on hand types below like flush, pair, highcard, and so on. These hand types then will get a blue color rectangle and will from now on belong to the "Draws" category. You can also click on "Other" to deselect hand types entirely.

Clicking on the "Add selection group" button allows you to create an entirely new category.

Details for selection

On the right hand side, you see details for the current selection.

For a hand category it will show:

Poker draws: PokerRanger hand strength category

Here, you can change the name of the group, change the color or remove this custom group.

If you select a hand type like "Flush draw", it will show:

PokerRanger enables you to distinguish between nutflushdraw, 2nd nut flush draw, and other flushdraws

You can rename this hand type but also change the "Category" by using the dropdown.

Exporting or importing hand group schemas

PokerRanger also allows you to export or import all your hand group schemas. This can be used for sharing with friends or for backup purposes.

Exporting or importing all your hand group schemas

If you have any further questions regarding hand group schemas, do not hestitate to contact our support anytime! We are glad to help via Discord, Skype, mail or any other way.


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