Change log, latest version: v2.3.1 of 1 Apr 2022

Latest release: Equity bug fix update


1 Apr 2022

Bug fix update

– Fixed a bug that would on some specific Windows revisions NOT allow to click remove/inverse/add-remainder/open range window buttons in the main window and the training area.


27 Mar 2022

We offer this brand-new preflop trainer. You can define ranges to raise first-in, 3-bet, 4-bet, squeeze, etc. You are able to define different ranges for different sizes as well. For each training, you are able to see reports on how well you trained specific scenarios (e.g. positions), which hands are your problem hands, and how well you performed over time.

The flexibility of this trainer is unparalleled on the market. You can train using the keyboard and view situations as well-known hand histories.

A simple training is already given at installation based on preflop 6-max ranges from our partner Upswingpoker.

Apart from that, we fixed various bugs. Among other things, you can show/hide the toolbar now via menu. This helps to create space.


5 Dec 2021

In this interim update, we fix two bugs that were bothering. We also increase overall stability.

– Fixed a bug that could show up equities in a messed up way for some cases of two player flop equity calculations in the equity table tab.

– Fixed a bug that could show up slightly off equities for two player flop equity calculations for particular weighted ranges.

What's next?

We will be publishing a major preflop range training tool. You will be able to define your ranges yourself for a range of scenarios, including opening size variations, train, get reports on your performance and progress and much more. All included in your PokerRanger subscription.


5 Sep 2021

In this update we bring multiple small adjustments based on customer feedback. Also, we introduce discounted, weighted combinations display in the board hit evaluation tab.

– Board hit evaluation

– Switch between combinations, percentages, equity, or displays combined two of these values.

– Made hands are now included in draws. E.g., if a hand is pair and flushdraw at the same time, it will be listed in flush draws. Before, it was not listed there.

– Fixed display of discounted combinations in board hit tab.

– Range hover for board hit evaluations is improved to have better labels displayed now.

– Range hover is no longer cut off.

– Other improvements & bug fixes

– Equity graph view and equity evolution view update less frequently now to also work on older systems without delays.

– Board hit evaluation tab updates with a smarter algorithm now to also account for older processors.

– Changing a group in the main window directly updates board hit evaluation tab now.

– Loading a pr2 file automatically updates board hit evaluations now.

– Fixed a bug where opening the hand range manipulation view controller would reset the group selection.

– Fixed a bug where the layout was not stored when PokerRanger was closed and opened.


25 Jul 2021

This update provides equity graphs with groups, a powerful feature that combines equities and hand types. No other tool on the market offers this. We developed it based on an explicit wish of our customers.

– Equity graphs

– It is now possible to switch between the classical equity graph, where each player gets a graph in one diagram, and the cluster mode.

– In cluster mode each graph gets one diagram and there is a layover per hand type group (like very strong hands, strong hands, etc.). Hands are sorted by equity per group.

– Each hand in cluster mode shows now also the equity range/average equity of the hand type group.

– Equity graphs are now extremely fast preflop and postflop for two players. This also covers the new group feature.

– Board hit group schemas

– Board hit group schemas can be exported/imported now to share with your friends.

– Fixed a small bug that hitting enter would create a new schema.

– Other bug fixes

– Fixed multiple crash bugs that could occur on i3 or older processors.

– Inserting a range with group into custom ranges does not mess up colors anymore (unless there would otherwise be duplicates).

– Color selection dialog looks nice in dark mode now, too.


2 Jun 2021

In this update, we improve the board hit group schema functionality quite a bit more. You can now create sets of board hit schemas and switch between them very fast. This is also the first step for our new equity graph feature that combines equities and groups.

Also, we provided buttons for the hand range selection dialog to undo/redo now (but shortcuts or main window undo/redo functions work anyway like before).


18 Apr 2021

In this update, hands are automatically grouped by hand strength types, we accelerated many HU equity calculations by a factor of 20 or more, and fixed crashs on systems with bad graphical device hardware (e.g., AWS).

– New feature introduced: Board hit evaluations auto-group hands into very strong hands, strong hands, draws etc. You can customize these groups.

– For a fixed flop and HU, board hit evaluations will instantly give you results without the need to click buttons.

– HU equity calculation on the flop has been accelerated to run almost instantly now. This affects equity calculation, board hit evaluation with equities, and equity matrices. (Equity graphs are yet to come)

– Preflop HU equity matrices will show exact results per click instantly now.

– Tutorial tooltips in the board hit evaluation view make it easier for you to learn about the functions in this tab.

– Fixed a severe issue on machines with old graphical device drivers (that are standard on AWS virtual machines) that would prevent PokerRanger from starting after the trial dialog.

– Hand types that have 0% hit are hidden automatically in the board hit evaluation tab.

– Cross icon to close a tab is now put directly next to the pen icon.

– Created an option dialog to have all options at one place (and adding option to remove tutorial tooltips).

– Improved board hit evaluation tab to only show/select ranges with hands in it (yet to come for other tabs).

– Internal: Updated Qt5.13 to Qt5.15


23 Feb 2021

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In this update, we received some usability wishes and a few rare bugs that we fixed.

– Added support to import more ranges from other software via text, e.g. full Simple Postflop support

– Board hit evaluation tab has now more stable range hovers that keep staying open

– Added close button for tabs directly into the tab title

– Cards/hands can be deselected by using the left mouse button

– Made some texts clearer in board hit evaluation tab and equity evolution tab

– Fixed a bug that sometimes equity tables would not show results for specific positions

– Fixed a bug that sometimes suit hovers would not show colors of other groups

– Let PokerRanger close again when equity evolution/graph evaluation is still running

– Fixed a bug that custom sum / selected hands in board hit evaluation tab would not always show the correct number when in equity mode

– Fixed a bug that few gutshot draws were sometimes not acknowledged as such


14 Feb 2021

Only few hours left on early bird deal!

– Changed buttons in board hit evaluation view to show actual board/random cards evaluated

– Removed redundant board cards from board card widget

– Fixed rare issue that license would need activation at each PokerRanger start

– Fixed bug that PokerRanger would sometimes crash on specific layouts

– Accept more weighted ranges, mixing weights and no weights, e.g.: [50]AA[/50]KK[50]QQ[/50] resulting in [100]KK[/100][50]QQ,AA[/50] automatically

– Make history view better readable in Windows dark mode


4 Feb 2021

Early bird deal still ongoing until 14 February 2021!

– Dark mode

As one of very few Poker analysis tools PokerRanger offers to switch between light and dark mode now. It does not depend on your operating system's capability of having a light or dark mode. You can switch during your PokerRanger session in the "layout switching" dialog.

– Accept weighted range input with more digits and round automatically

e.g. [10.12345]AA[/10.12345] automatically becomes [10.12]AA[/10.12] (AA weighted with 10.12%)

– Fixed a display bug of sections not showing the full title

– Fixed a bug that changing board cards via text input/random button did sometimes not update other widgets


17 Jan 2021

This is the first update after our big release. All changes:

– Player ranges renamed to "CO opening range", "BTN opening range", ...

– Have three empty color groups for ranges as default

– Let PokerRanger2 detect PokerRanger1 ranges on the computer and automatically import it, also there is a menu option to import them from system later

– Range lines show color squares and range/group name within the line

– Show tooltips within ranges lines with range text, combinations, range percentage, and parent range percentage

– Fix small bugs that EV/FE view would sometimes not close with "Close" button when changing raise size

– Fix displayed small blind size in expected value tree view

– Make buttons in main window range views more beautiful and smaller

– Add close button to hand range manipulation view

– Increase default width of main window range tree view for groups

– Add tooltips for range buttons in hand range manipulation view

– Create a button for adding a group on same level, rename the "Add group" button to indicate that it creates a subgroup of the selected item

– Add context menu for groups of current range in range manipulation view

– Introduce "use" button for custom ranges that replaces the entire current range with groups (ignoring whether a group or range is selected)

– Add random board button

– Fixed a bug that using custom ranges as current ranges could sometimes display the range black


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