PokerRanger 2

New Preflop Trainer

Do you know your GTO or other preflop ranges by heart? If not, train them from now on with the PokerRanger Preflop Trainer (included in PokerRanger).

Core features

We have a detailed documentation/reference of PokerRanger's features, make sure to check it. You can also find news in our release notes.

Range trees with color coding

Dynamic range trees

Subgroup your ranges into arbitrarily many groups that are color-coded, nested, and weighted. Read more...

Expected value trees

Expected value trees

Import hand histories or create trees of actions manually that tell you equities and expected values within a complex setting. Read more...

Poker hand range hover with suits

Color-coding and hovers

PokerRanger2 uses color coding and informative hovers to convey useful information all the time. Read more...

Flush, straight, pairs, and more on flop, turn, or river

Random board hits

Evaluate the probability of hitting straights, pairs, or flushdraws on flops, turns, and rivers to fortify your board-reading and hand-reading. PokerRanger auto-groups hands for you. Read more...

Most flexible Poker software user interface

Dark mode

As one of very few tools, PokerRanger offers a dark mode. View all analyses in eye-soothing dark colors with vibrant color for highlights.

Most flexible Poker software user interface

Outmost flexibility

Tired of opening windows to set ranges or the board? With our advanced docking system, you can customize PokerRanger to show all widgets in one window.

Multiway equity evolution

Multiway equity evolution

PokerRanger2 evaluates equity on follow-up cards for multiple players at once and displays the results in clear charts side-by-side.

Equity graphs / equity charts

Equity charts

View the equities of multiple players multi-way in one clear graph and get output per hand to detect capped and uncapped ranges.

Equity tables or heat maps

Equity tables / heat maps

With color coding in scalable matrices or table views for multiple players PokerRanger illustrates multi-way equities in the most beautiful way.

Poker history

History of actions

Whether you change the board, expected value trees, or custom ranges, "undo/redo" are your friends and you can jump to any point in history all the time.

PokerRanger short video

View short video

View our short video to get an overview of some of the most important PokerRanger features (with speed control).

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PokerRanger Windows

PokerRanger for Windows

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Version: 2.3.1

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PokerRanger macOS

PokerRanger for macOS

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Version: 2.3.1

Revision: 18783dce74

Language: English

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Are you looking for the Windows installers for PokerRanger1? Note that PokerRanger2 is superior to PokerRanger1 in any way and we will discontinue PokerRanger1 support in the future, so that we recommend strongly to use the latest version. You can import your PokerRanger1 custom ranges with PokerRanger2. PR1 ZIP archive | PR1 Installer EXE


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