In the following pages, we attempt to give you a detailed overview of all the functions that PokerRanger embraces. Please let us know anytime if you need more content, we will gladly provide it.

You find all of the topics (including subtopics) in the left navigation bar.

Range management

Learn how you can manage ranges with PokerRanger2 effectively. Read more...

Board hit schema evaluation

Learn how to use board hit schema evaluations with context menus, custom schemas, and auto-selection groups. Read more...

Expected value trees

With PokerRanger2 you can create each possible Texas Hold'em scenario with multiple players, random boards, and get a detailed analysis on what the expected values of each particular action are. You can analyze that way, if your last hand played on the table was +EV or not. Of course, it also works with hand history import. Read more...


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