How to recover a hidden PokerRanger1 window


In Windows, you start PokerRanger, see a task icon but no window appears.


Most of the times, the window is displayed on a screen position that is no longer valid. For example, if you had an external monitor attached, moved PokerRanger1 there, then removed the monitor and started PokerRanger again, it can happen that the window is still displayed on the position of the external monitor. However, the monitor's screen does no longer exist. Fortunately, you can recover the window with a little trick.


We need to move the window back to the visible area to interact with it. A few steps proved helpful many times when we encountered this problem.

1. Hover the task icon with your mouse

pokerranger1 task icon hover


2. Hover the appearing thumbnail/preview of PokerRanger

pokerranger1 thumbnail hover


3. Right-click this preview (not the task icon!) and choose Move

move poker ranger window


4. Click any arrow key (up, down, left, right) on your keyboard

You probably will not see a difference so far.


5. Move around with your mouse

This should finally reveal the PokerRanger1 window allowing you to move it anywhere.

move old version of best poker analysis tool to a visible portion of your screen

Does this help you? If not, do not hesitate to write us anytime.

By the way, we recommend switching to PokerRanger2 soon as it has many more features than PokerRanger1 like range weights, a clear tree view of ranges, expected value trees with hand history import, multiway calculations, a visual history of your actions, and many more.


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